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OBDII Automotive Scan Tool and Virtual Dashboard

for '96 and newer cars, suvs, trucks, motorcycles

Car Code OBD-II On Board Diagnostics Phase 2 Vehicle Media Communications

  • Free Vehicle Explorer 1 software browser, vehicle specfic apps and upgrades
  • As seen on Fox Fair and Balanced TV-25 Boston May 10, 17 and 24, 2000; 2nd IATN scan tool shoot-out June 2000 Ontario CA; Circuit Cellar May and June 2000; SEMA Show issue 2001, 2002; Elector Oct 2002; Mopar Now! Fall 2002; Chevy High Performance Feb 2003; Top 5 Tools Best Mode 6 TechShop Jume 2003; Motor Age Hot Auto Products Oct/Nov 2004

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    Due to TBI PTSD PTE CTE FTD temporal brain damage after run over by Dodge Ram, next update will be after Sept 15 2013
    Free complete working copy of the VE1 OBD-2 browser includes sample data file, minimum install. Version 1.69 - 12-07-09
    (0.7 MB zip file in about 3 minutes)
    Registered current user upgraded and patch file only. 12-07-09 Do not download both, contains same file as above
    (0.4 MB zip file in about 2 minutes)
    Everything: Browser and all below optional file apps as a self extract full install package 12-07-09 95, 98, NT, 2K, BOB, ME, XP, Vista 32 bit, 7-32 bit, 7-Starter, 7 Ultimate, 7 Professional, 7 Enterprise or 3, 3.1, Workgroup
    (2.8 MB exe file in about 7 minutes)

    Optional Manufacturer Assigned, Defined and Controlled Apps (not all provided during current administration)
    (All below file apps or included in full install package. Updated Apps require current version browser. Unzip and place in same folder as obd2.exe. To use data apps press Enhance in main menu. To use code apps select vehicle in non-uniform list in code page.)

    enhanced real time data base stream apps (mode 01, 22, 23, AE)

    non-uniform diagnostic trouble codes apps (mode 3, 7, 13, 14, 33, 2E, 2F, AE)

    non-continuous or specific monitored test result apps (service and mode 6)

    Dyno and test track drive traces (IM240, UDDS, FTP, HWFET, US06, SC03)

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    Questions and Technical Support

    Information, support, service, COD cash
    Phone: 636-734-5004 (8am pst - 4 est) No messages
    Near First: Stage 5 Tour of Missouri 2007, OBD-2 windows scan tool 1995, Gas Station 1905, Intersate Highway 1956
    # 1 area in USA for asthma, smoking, gonorrhea and chlamydia. #1 in crime for 2002 and 2006.
    Top in world for car use, with fewest pedestrians, bicycles and mass transit.
    Located 1 block from fattest cat in the world, Biscuit grew up and Mexico-Chicago Heroin Route
    Inquire about free obd-2 evaluation.
    Car Code
    Attn: Alex C. Peper
    129 North 4th Street
    Saint Charles, MO. 63301

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    Orders: ALL SOLD OUT OBD-2 vehicle network account, router interface, cable and connector

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    Vehicle network and scan tool selection order system, supports MyData Initiative

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    Available at all Midtex Auto Parts Stores (630)904-5745

    Chicago - Czech Republic - Deutsch - Espaņol - Espaņol Europe

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    More information about your cars On Board Diagnostic Network

    About OBD-II
    About the author
    Books, standards and references
    News, service, government, organizations, education and commercial automotive links (No Google Adds)

    Providing research, development, test, certification and M2M software to automotive manufacturers since 1978. Manufacturer and developer of obd2 automotive network equipment, software and obd2 web services since 1995.
    Over 12,000 sold and same prices, free ship with Saturday delivery and software upgrades since 1996.

    Car Code 129 North 4th Street
    Saint Charles, MO. 63301
    Information, support, service, COD cash, Bit Coin
    Phone: 636-734-5004 (8am pst - 4 est) No messages
    Near First: Stage 5 Tour of Missouri 2007, OBD-2 windows scan tool 1995, Gas Station 1905, Interstate Highway 1956
    2 Number 1 area in USA for asthma, racism, gonorrhea and chlamydia (top 5 in world). Number 1 Crime in 2002 2006, 2012
    Top in world for Mercury emissions, cars, fewest pedestrians, bicycles and mass transit.
    Largest water shed in North America with no creek access in Saint Charles
    Located 1 block from fattest cat in the world Biscuit grew up.
    Inquire about free obd-2 evaluation.

    Copyright © 1995-2010 Alex C. Peper dba Car Code. All Rights Reserved.
    Reprinted with permission from SAE J1930, J1962, J1978, J1979, J2012, J2190, J1850, J2178 © 1997-2004 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. content license 2000-2005
    California Air Resource Board
    Equipment and Tool Institute information license 2000-2010
    International Standards Organization
    United States Code of Federal Regulations
    General Motors data stream license 1995-2011 model years

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    home page screen shot
    The Vehicle Data memo provides any information needed to categorize your scans in a folder. You can make a specific template. The file is saved after each scan. Comments, log and message data are saved based on your scan session file name. The log file will report the protocols and keywords used to establish a connection and log-on information. The browser will continue to try to connect until terminated by user or connection established. Transcription errors and invalid vehicle domain requests are reported. A status light will report connection timeouts and vehicle server problems. The data memo, comment and log files or stored as text files. SAE protocol data bytes or stored in a binary VP2 (vehicle media player level-2) format. Data can be exported as spread sheet, data base, html table.

    Mode 09 Request Vehicle Information provides for Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) Calibration Identification Number(CIN) and Calibration Verification Number(CVN) The calibration numbers and verification or used for inspection, security and virus check of vehicle system files and programs. Some cars year 2000+ will support the mode 09 request, and all cars in 2002 will support CVN and CIN numbers. Verification can take several seconds depending on vehicle server encryption used and if engine is running. For GM and Ford vehicles selecting enhanced mode in menu can be used to read various other server "About" information such as Copyright, file names, part and serial numbers. [Back]

    vehicle status screen shot
    Mode 01 Parameter Identification 01 message request reports if your Malfunction Indicator (check engine) Light (MIL) is turned on, the number of Diagnostic Trouble Codes and the completion of vehicle component testing. The listed parts and systems can be either continuously or non-continuously (only during specific vehicle operation) monitored to finalize a test grade. The monitoring of a test can take from 1 ms to several days depending on the test and your driving. To pass state inspection your MIL must be off and for most cars all monitoring of tests completed and ready to determine MIL status and trouble codes. Any changes in status are recorded and time stamped in the history list. If the instant message result alarm is on, this page will be automatically opened. You can also select an automatic download request based on an update period. With a ISO-9141-2 connection this browser uses Mode 01 PID 01 as a default request to prevent disconnection by the vehicle server if you are idle over 5 seconds. When a message is received you will be notified of the assigned domain name and SAE address. You will also get separate notification and data listings if multiple sites respond to your broadcasted request.

    Mode 04 will allow you to connect to your vehicle's main server and erase all diagnostic files. No password is required but you will be prompted to make sure you want to do this. If on, the check engine MIL light will be extinguished, trouble codes will disappear, all testing can be aborted and declared incomplete, with monitoring restarted. Note it can take several days to monitor and complete a final exam depending on the way you drive. Do not press this button if you have an appointment with an enhanced inspection station within 48 hrs.

    For model year 95 - 97 Volvo you can reset and turn off maintenance interval lights. After performing recommended service, press enhanced in main menu, when offline, to establish Volvo network login.

    Real time data selection grid screen shot
    This is Mode 01 for continuous real time data. You can make a request to send all data sequentially or any combination of individual content, by selecting(highlighting) a item and pressing send. A listing of supported vehicle data to view can be found by requesting PID 00. You can also view all 255 mode 01 allocated data names, that could have vehicle support. A full description is shown for the current selected item, below the data grid. All data is time-stamped and stored. The frequency meter indicates the data acquisition speed in Hz (data points per second). For SAE J1979 data the O2 sensor and corresponding short term fuel trim is sent in packets, thus arriving at the same time. The maximum legal SAE acquisition speed is 10 Hz. per request. Speed is adjustable in menu-options-gateway-protocol in units of milliseconds delay for a response between requests. Some networks will respond within 25 ms allowing acquisition rates to 40 Hz depending on speed of the browser computer. Note: acquisition time is also dependent on other vehicle computers using the network, if your vehicle has a large number of computers on line, acquisition times will be reduced(under 10 Hz) and sporadic. Note: ISO protocol is slower(under 10 Hz).
    Units can be changed in real time for all data SI metric or English with time stamp as data pt, seconds minutes, hours or hh:mm:ss in menu-units. If enhanced real-time data is available for your car, pressing menu-enhanced will open a similar data grid display. Selecting audio will produce a low to high frequency sound representation of the data value, using the PC speaker. [Back]

    The statistical analysis (stat) panel provides average, minimum, maximum and absolute range difference between the maximum and minimum of the selected data item with time stamp. The rate will give current increase or decrease of data per second. Rate maximum will show fastest rise, rate minimum fastest drop. Frequency, and period (T) in seconds or calculated on repetitive cycling time varying signals. Peak to Peak(P-P) is the absolute difference between maximum and minimum of the repetitive signal. The elapsed time (ET) stop watch panel has dual triggers for positive (increasing) and negative (decreasing) set points. The selected data timer will start when the start data value is obtained, stop when stop value is obtained then list lap time between the points and a split time stamp reading.

    X-axis scrolling graphs screen shot
    Y-axis 32 pin strip chart screen shot
    3-D scrolling graph screen shot
    These graph pages provide different viewpoints for real time data analysis. The X-axis graph page contains 3 individual multi pen graphs that scroll based on time from right to left. The Y-axis graph is a conventional 110 pen strip chart. The 3-D graph plots two variables as a function of time.
    Common to all graphs is a control panel and 3 digital panel meters.
    The control panel provides a scaled mouse position display, an auto or manual 10 power zoom scaling control, and selection of the time base time units, and time reset.
    The panel meters allow selection of current axis labels and data to plot. Pen, meter, axis and background colors and pen width can be changed in real time using menu-options-color

    Freeze Frame data screen shot
    When an emission related diagnostic trouble code is set, real time data is recorded marking the event, thus you can see the actual running parameters of your vehicle when the malfunction occurred. There are 256 frame numbers available 0-255. Frame 0 is assigned for regulated mandated data. Frames 1-255 can be used for other purposes. Some vehicles use these frames for additional time based fail records before the finalized test period is complete.

    Diagnostic Trouble Codes screen shot
    Trouble codes are assigned an alphanumeric identifier, a short acronym and a full descriptive name. The alpha descriptor references the server domain: P=Powertrain, C=Chassis, B=Body, U=Network. The 1st digit identifies the site author, 0=SAE, 1, 2, 3 is by the manufacturer or reserved. The 2nd digit references the code group title, for a powertrain server: 1, 2=Fuel and Air Metering, 3=Ignition System or Misfire, 4=Auxiliary Emission Controls, 5=Vehicle Speed, Idle control, and Auxiliary Inputs, 6=Computer and Auxiliary Outputs, 7, 8=Transmission 9,0=reserved or determined by SAE. The last two digits 00-99 define the actual body of the message. The site author has the option to use a specific source code or a generic source descriptor in the message. This browser will identify a generic message and provide a list of additional code tips. Note: sites authored by manufacturers are strongly encouraged to use the same titles as SAE. If a manufacturer code is not listed in the browser library, it will cross reference the source code to SAE.

    Mode 07 will provide a mid term test grade for continuously monitored systems. If a device fails the first test, the code will be listed, and the device will be given another chance to pass by taking the test over. If it again fails the makeup test, it will be reported in the Mode 03 list of trouble codes and the MIL light will be commanded on.

    This page also provides for automatic requests for trouble codes, and an alarm if any codes have been cleared or added by the vehicle controller. The history list provides a listing of past transactions. The number of codes and if any were added or deleted for the current request is indicated above each list.

    Oxygen sensor data screen shot
    This page provides your oxygen sensor output characteristics and test results, with limits listed in a time stamped grid and a voltage output vs time scaleable graph. You can select your available sensors for location and viewing. There is a warning message if any test is not complete. Note, not all vehicles will support O2 sensor test results as is optional per regulations. If no support, the results must be included in Test results described next.

    Test results screen shot
    This page provides test information on various components that are not tested continuously, but only during certain operational times and conditions. Results will report a minimum and or maximum range of values and a pass or fail grade. One test can be given to a class of components (such as all O2 sensors). Each component will have an ID number. There is a warning message if any test is not complete, and possible incorrect data. Note the supported test type request is optional for this mode. To find out all available tests select the all possible listing. Note this data is manufactured defined and some manufactures do not provide definitions. Possible that data over 32767 is represented in some type of negative notation, and the result would then pass. In menu units you can select various negative number formats. For most vehicles a defined test results file will provide definitions, units and scaled results

    Dash board screen shot
    There are two 4 inch and four 2 inch diameter gauges. All gauges conform to OBD2 range specification. For example the tachometer is 16 bit providing a range to 16,000 rpm with a resolution of 0.25 revolutions. You have a choice of selecting 22 different gauges. To set minimum, maximum and red lines, click on the gauge. For example the tach. can have a range of 0-1600 or 6000-8000, or both high and low range gauges. Selectable colors are available for needle, numbers and face plate. [Back]

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    Appliance Developers, Fleets, GPS Tracking, Race, Hobbyist, Specialized Data Acquisition and Connection Service

    • smart client appliance chip 1 byte request. ISO, VPW or PWM. Used by OEM's since 1995. $12 1000+. Development system $92. Call or email to order.
    • Name-Value Pairs DAQ API manual Drivers for win32, CE, .net update 1-11-05
    • SAE J2534 Pass-Thru Vehicle Driver win32 year 2000 draft for Tricom and Indo-3, supports diagnostics only, includes sample program.
    • IND0-3 - same as TRICOM with opto-isolation for industrial and racing environments $202 Requires 80mA plus and minus current supply, such as a PC compliant serial port or a WinCE device.
    • All products except Tricom, TriCAN and iMax or available as kit that require solder, assemble and the ability to read schematic deduct $12 Check or money order.